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Author: savingpoliticalsites_qene1o

In the past week, 4,000 sites have been submitted to this project. I’m uploading them twice a week to the Internet Archive and have talked to their team extensively about this work. Here are the races that are coming up in October that we should prioritize:

  • October elections in North Carolina
    • City of Burlington Mayor
    • City of Burlington Council Members
    • City of Shelby Council Ward 04
    • City of Durham Mayor
    • City of Durham city council
    • Town of Jamestown mayor
    • City of Hendersonville city council
    • Town of Mooresville commissioner-at-large
    • Town of Southern Pines council member
    • City of Roxboro mayor
    • City of Roxboro Councilman
    • Town of Dobbins Heights town council

If you have any candidate websites in bulk, please email me a csv and I’ll add it to the queue to be archived!

The Federal Election Commission maintains a list of state election offices, which provide further information on candidates. The information stored by the state election offices differs quite a bit: North Carolina provides candidate lists in several formats while Alabama only provides a list of upcoming state and local elections and referendums. This makes it challenging to scoop up candidate data: it differs in terms of scope, file type, and accessibility.